The 5 Day Reset

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This reset includes 5 days of anti-inflammatory recipes (without gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, peanuts and any other inflammatory foods) along with tips, strategies and support to help you feel your best while detoxifying naturally and eating clean.

Here is what you can expect from the 5 Day Reset.

Introduction Videos with Amie

The Foundation for the Reset

Part I // Why Detox?

Part II // What to Expect

What Foods to Eliminate

Part III // What You’ll Need

What to Prep

Part IV // Gut Health Tips

Part V // Detox Tips

How to Handle Caffeine (Coffee) Withdrawal

How to Handle Sugar Withdrawal

Part VI // Feeding Your Body, Not Your Belly

Part VII // The Connection between Resetting Your Body & Your Nervous System

Part VIII // Clean Eating Tips

Healthy Swaps

Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Add

How to Make the Best Smoothie

Part IX // 5 Day Reset Meal Plan

Part X // 5 Day Reset Recipes (Brand NEW Recipes)

How to Feel Amazing After the Reset

There will be no refunds after purchase. Thank you.

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The 5 Day Reset

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